Medical treatment in Thailand

Posted: July 30, 2006 in Health, Thailand

I went for a checkup the other day and was reminded again of how great medical care can be. Private hospitals in Thailand provide great medical care and something else that those of us from the west don’t usually expect – great service. And all at a great price – complete checkup, including all blood work, urinalysis, chest xray, ultrasound scan of digestive tract, and consultation with a real doctor runs about 3,500 baht (less than $100 U.S.). For sure that is a small fortune for up-country Thais, but a fraction of what it would cost back in the states. And the warm hospitality of the smiling nurses and doctors is in such contrast to the disinterested and abrupt treatment western medical centers dish out.

Actually, Thailand is a popular destination for “medical tourism”. People from all over the world come here for treatment of all types and turn it into a sort of medical vacation. With some hospitals resembling 4 star hotels that provide world class medical care it is a great option, especially for elective procedures or things that are not covered by insurance in a person’s home country. A couple of years ago my wife had surgery at Bamrungrad Hospital, one of the more well known private hospitals in Bangkok. She spent 4 nights in a private room with an extra bed for me. The treatment was great, even for me! And total cost was less than $2,000 U.S., a fraction of what it would have cost in the west and with incomparable treatment. We felt so fortunate to be in Thailand when the need for the surgery arose.

They have world class facilities for everything, dental, cardiology, cancer, cosmetic surgery, child birth. I highly recommend it as an alternative to stateside medical care.


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