Free blog hosting sucks

Posted: October 23, 2006 in Web Wise

So it seems. Blogger is down again. When I try to create a new post I get a 500 server error. And I mentioned how terribly slow is. Ok, so they are free, so it is ok for them to suck, because they really do suck. Did I mention they suck? I would move all my blogs to my own servers, but when you have such a vast empire of blogs and websites it is nice to sprinkle a few around to different platforms. Then as your blogs get more juice you use links from them to boost the juice of your other blogs. And it’s better if those links aren’t all coming from the same IP address. Unlike some of my other super blogs this blog has no juice. It’s a throw away blog for now. Since it has no juice there is no point in linking from it. And since it is a throw away blog there is no point in linking to it. This blog is just a little island onto which I drop an occasional pearl of wisdom.


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