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I’m no Apple fan boy so I was not crazy over the Apple iphone. It seems like a nice gadget, from what I can tell from playing with it a little. I’m not so sure about the touch screen – maybe it is something that grows on you after a while.

In the past I have been more with the group of users of Research In Motion’s PDAs. RIM’s products seemed more useful as tools while Apple’s seemed like the gadgets people own to try to impress others. You know, if you really are cool you don’t need a gadget to show it, and if you aren’t cool then a gadget won’t help.

So now RIM has come out with the Blackberry Storm, a touch screen version of it’s PDA. Is this an answer to the iphone? I guess so. Is it more useful, or even as good? I can’t say because I have yet to use one. I have just been surfing sites that talk about them and there are two camps again, those who say it is severely lacking and those who love it. I wonder how many Apple fan boys are in the former camp.

I don’t understand the pricing of the Storm. There seem to be some deals on Blackberry Storms but the prices are all over the place, some very high. While the iphone is making an appearance in Thailand I have not seen the Storm here. Is it even here? I don’t know, but I will be looking for it.