Betta Splendens interesting little fish

Posted: April 15, 2010 in Thailand
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Interesting little fish, these betta splendens. People just call them bettas. The can breathe air. I never knew that before. They don’t have lungs like mammals but an organ they call a labryinth structure that allows them to breathe air directly from the surface of the water. In fact, they must have access to the water’s surface to survive, unlike other fish.

When I was a kid a neighbor had some betta splendens. I didn’t think much of them, just that they were pretty. They were the kind with big fancy fins, the type most people keep purely for their looks. There are many varieties and I don’t think his were the half moon bettas with the huge fins that form a complete semicircle. They were one of the other fancy fin varieties.

I never thought about them again until I met a nice Thai guy living in Redondo Beach who wanted me to build a website for him. He was importing, breeding and selling bettas. Pretty interesting, because these little fish are so hardy you can just send them through the mail and they arrive

perfectly healthy as long as they don’t get too cold. Chilly weather is a problem sometimes in the U.S. so there were some precautions needed when shipping the bettas.

So we built a website called Siam’s Best Bettas. It turned out pretty nice. It has a bunch of information about care and breeding, a nice photo gallery, and it used to have a store with bettas and betta accessories for sale. My friend was doing pretty well with it but eventually became too busy with his “real” job to keep it up so he turned the website over to me. I ended up replacing his store with a page of ebay listings for live bettas and accessories. I also added some new articles, including one I wrote myself after reading about a vanishing family of betta splendens native to the coastal area not far from Bangkok.

You know what the website needs? A WordPress blog. Should be able to do a very cool one. But then I would need time to create blog posts for it and although these little fish are pretty interesting I’m not a betta breeder or hobbyist so probably would never get around to doing it.


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