Working with Drupal a powerful open source CMS

Posted: April 15, 2010 in Technology
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My little website development business started years ago. Back then I was doing static html pages with tables. Not the greatest but good enough for the time. CSS and table-less designs overtook that. Then a few open source content management systems (CMS) have risen to dominance in recent years.

Being just a small time developer I sort of get buffeted about by demand. So I didn’t start using WordPress until I was forced to but now I love it. It is so easy and fast to get a new site up and running. With all the plugins available you can do almost anything with little effort. Tweaking it to suit your tastes and creating content remains a significant effort but getting it up and running is fast and efficient.

Recently a good old friend of mine invited me to work with him on his new business that involves a Drupal based online store. Never having worked with Drupal before I think I had the same experience as most users new to Drupal, wondering why this CMS is so complicated and hard to use. There’s quite a bit of learning curve but once you get past it you really appreciate Drupal’s power. It’s actually very easy to use as a user; it’s just complex as an administrator. That’s because it is so flexible and powerful. Not much is hard wired so you have to set everything up. That takes time and quite a bit of learning. You can do so many things with it that you can’t do with WordPress which is why I am really loving it now.

WordPress is still my first and most frequent choice if I can do what I want with it. It’s just so easy to set up. So I will continue use it for most of my new work. For projects that I do with Drupal I’m going post about them as I work on them and point out the things I couldn’t do with WordPress that pushed me to Drupal.


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