Whitehouse.gov contributes some drupal modules

Posted: April 22, 2010 in Technology

Whitehouse.gov might be one of the more famous Drupal based websites, certainly one of the high profile ones. I’ve just started looking around over there, think I’ll study it a bit to see what I can learn. I saw a blog post that described some Drupal modules they developed and will contribute to the Durpal community.

Being a heavily visited website they need to handle high traffic so developed a couple of modules to address scalability. Something they call “context http headers” adds meta data to content to tell servers how to handle specific pages. Hmm, sounds interesting, not clear on the details however. Another they simply call “akamai”, you know, the big content delivery network that a lot of the really big players use. So this one helps Drupal sites integrate with Akamai.

There is another module they are contributing that is designed to “enable more dynamic emails tailored to users’ preferences”. I don’t know what that means. Maybe I can experience it by joining the whitehouse.gov mailing list.

And finally there is a module for accessibility that makes sure all images can be read by screen reading software. Good stuff.

I have heard a few criticisms of Drupal along the lines of “Drupal is outdated” and wondered where that was coming from since it has become very popular only relatively recently and there are so many contributions being made all the time, like these from whitehouse.gov. Seems to me there must be hidden agendas there.


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