Price controls are great

Posted: April 29, 2010 in Health

I like getting stuff at below market prices. The new health care reform law could help me do that, couldn’t it? I read that the law requires that next year there has to be a procedure for consumers to challenge any rate increase for their insurance plan. The fed is funding states to set up something called “health insurance consumer assistance office” where you can go to file a complaint if your rates go up. Hey, this is great. I think they should also have a “gasoline consumer assistance office”, maybe even a “beer consumer assistance office” (not really, I don’t even drink, but if I did, hey…).

See, once you make it a law that you have to buy something, such as medical insurance, then you have to consider what happens when evil capitalists try to make money by raising prices on that legally-required item. So some sort of process or control has to be put in place. Otherwise you risk people becoming criminals overnight when their insurance company raises their rates and they can’t pay. So another big bureaucratic organization needs to be created. Continued growth of big government. What’s next?


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