A defining moment from the Bangkok protests

Posted: May 17, 2010 in Thailand

I’m going to leave the Thai political problems for the Thais to work out. So all the protesting and violence that is going on in Bangkok right now is amongst them. I would suggest other foreigners do the same and stop making so many uninformed comments about the situation – I see them all over the internet.

I know it’s a favorite theme in the American psyche to champion the underclass’ struggle for democracy, so scenes of poor villagers fighting the army with sling shots and bamboo sticks really get some people excited. Here’s a scene from the fighting today.

Do you know what this is a photo of? It is one of the front lines of the fighting between the so-called “red shirts” and the army. The red shirts built barricades of sharpened bamboo sticks and old tires. Here we have one of the red shirts placing their young child up on the barricade. This was today when there was live firing going on. Around 30 people have been killed in the fighting the last couple of days. Here is another shot.

You can consider for yourself what kind of mental capacity is involved and if it is really possible to have any meaningful communication or understanding with a person like this. This isn’t an isolated case. There are an estimated 300 children brought to the protest by their parents from the provinces.


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