Drupal Mailchimp Campaign module looks promising

Posted: May 29, 2010 in Technology

A few posts ago I wrote about how I implemented a Drupal newsletter archive that is based on using Mailchimp but keeps the archive on my own domain. It works fine and is easy to use – I feel like it is even a bit elegant in its simplicity. However, I feel it perhaps a bit awkward in one sense because if you decide you need to make some adjustments to your campaign you must jump over to your Mailchimp account instead of being able to control everything within you Drupal site.

Now some bright individual has kicked off development of a new Drupal module called Mailchimp Campaign to do just that, allow you to create campaigns within your Drupal site. I am just hoping that this means that newsletters will be created and archived on your Drupal site, like the way I set up my newsletter archive solution, along with giving you full control of campaigns without ever leaving your site.


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