News fail that takes some reading

Posted: June 6, 2010 in World

I am sort of a fan of I check it regularly for some funny examples of news reporting mistakes and odd juxtaposition of ads and headlines. Their tag line is “News fails, because journalism isn’t dying fast enough.” Most of the news fails don’t require a lot of reading or thinking, often just a funny headline and photo combination. I was thinking about this news fail I read today but it doesn’t really fit on PBN, it’s a little more subtle than most of their posts.

The story I saw was from AP about the two New Jersey men who were arrested as they were about to board a plain to (allegedly) go overseas to learn how to kill Americans. Great headline material, eh? The interesting part was this sentence:

Somalia, an impoverished East African nation of about 10 million people, has not had a functioning government for more than a decade, although the U.S. is backing a transitional government there.

Followed in the next paragraph by this sentence:

Somalia has welcomed the arrest of two New Jersey men who allegedly planned to join al-Shabab.

So an American-backed puppet government came out in support of some action by American authorities. Now that is news folks.


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