Unemployed people cannot apply for jobs

Posted: June 9, 2010 in Economy
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I read a story about a rather bizarre hiring trend in the U.S. Some employers are now explicitly stating in their want ads that unemployed people will not be considered. I was once a hiring manager at a company that drew a lot of applicants whenever we posted job openings. I know what a time sink it is to have to plow through stacks of unqualified resumes. In those days unemployment was quite low and if a person was not currently working there was usually some issue that cast doubt on how well they would work out as a new employee. So in those days resumes with big employment gaps quickly reached the circular file.

But is that the case these days? I don’t really know since I am technically unemployed. I remember when the last recession hit the technology sector around the beginning of 2002 a lot of great people were laid off. It was a real boon to some companies, like a couple of startups in the southern California area that picked up entire design teams in one fell swoop. I suppose if they were unemployed for an extended period then there would be concerns about currency of skill sets. But these companies today who are trying to snarf employed people, is that effective? Maybe it is, since you figure anybody who still has a job must be indispensible. On the other hand, they probably don’t feel so comfortable being the new hire who would be first to go if the second leg down of the double dip recession gets bad enough.


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