One dimensional thinking

Posted: June 29, 2010 in Politics

I finished reading Michael Moore’s “Dude, Where’s My Country”. It was fun, in the sort of way that it’s fun to watch stupid people suffer. He includes quite a list of references at the back of the book. It is particularly interesting that some of the most damning information about how truly scummy and sleazy the U.S. government is comes directly from…the U.S. government. That’s one of the great things about America – people can still force release of (some) information that the people in power don’t really want released. Lots of truly despicable things that the government has done is on display at easily accessible government websites.

It means little, however, because the stupid masses don’t care. Most are so preoccupied with their meaningless little consumerist lifestyles that even if they did read about the heinous acts of terrorism committed by their own government the only thing that would matter to them is that it “protects their way of life”. I love that one. Crap on the entire world to make sure that the American way of life is protected. “They hate freedom” as Bush famously quoted, and the masses ate it up. Any manner of atrocity is deserved by freedom haters.

But, and I mean BUT, this Michael Moore character is totally full of much of the same crap as everyone else. When he gets into his cheering of things he thinks are important he loses much of the punch from his book. Should have stopped at Chapter 8 Mike. A point by point debate is less than uninteresting.

However, there is another takeaway from his rant that I see time and time again. It’s about one dimensional thinking in American politics. You are either liberal or conservative or somewhere on a line connecting those two points. Geez, life is multifaceted to the extreme. How can people attempt to reduce politics to a single line? They bundle all manner of issues together and call that left or right. I think this kind of thinking might be a significant factor in how screwed up America is. There are only two choices each election, bad and worse. There hasn’t been a candidate or party that was close to representing my views since I have been of voting age. Some variety would be good.

I kind of enjoy the parliamentary system here in Thailand. Lots of parties with a variety of interesting (often silly) platforms. At least people have some choice.


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