Too much overpriced fluff with Bangkok Hospital?

Posted: July 13, 2010 in Health

My personal experiences with Bangkok Hospital Group have been less than stellar. And lately I have read some other expats in Thailand have had unfavorable experiences as well. There is a similar theme running through those accounts that I recognize, a lot of over priced fluff and not always the best care.

I feel like they have Bumrungrad envy. Medical tourists were dazzled by the 4/5 star hotel experience of Bumrungrad and the world press made a big deal of it. So BGH tried to emulate that with fancy lobbies, dual big screen LCD TVs in fancy private hospital rooms, gourmet shops in the canteen, that sort of thing. The only problem is that it seems like their systems and doctors aren’t there to back up that fancy facade, at least not to the level of Bumrungrad. It seems to me like a classic case of pak chee loi naa, that old Thai saying which roughly translated means the same as window dressing.

I’ve read that BGH continues to open new facilities around Thailand at a frenzied pace. There is one in Hua Hin that will open soon and news that a Pak Chong Bangkok Hospital branch is planned. That would all be exciting if they were to have excellent doctors and service instead of just pushing overpriced medication.

  1. […] Pak Chong there are real doubts about the quality of care to be had there (re my earlier post about overpriced fluff versus true quality care). A world class hospital would be the anchor and then specialty care centers could develop in the […]

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