Another reason for Chiang Mai

Posted: July 15, 2010 in Retirement

The earlier post in which I discussed 5 good and cheap places to retire had Chiang Mai listed at number two. Reading this post on Chiang Mai for long stay medical tourism raises another interesting plus about the city. It could be a very good choice for someone who needs a long stay medical treatment destination. I am aware of those two hospitals that are mentioned, Chiangmai Ram and Lanna, and they seem to be very good. The story had something else besides the usual private hospital as health care destination. It was a specialty treatment center in Chiang Mai for Alzheimer patients.

Now that sounds quite interesting if have a loved one in need of the special care Alzheimer patients need. Chiang Mai is very popular with foreigners, both tourists and expats. Lots of amenities there. It seems to me that specialty care centers could be big business in Thailand and Chiang Mai may have a leg up on it because of the infrastructure and environment in that region, although the Thais are seriously trying to ruin it with the rampant burning each year that causes pollution so bad the airport gets shut down. Unless they clean it up the area may become another trash dump like so many other places in Thailand that started out so nice.

I was thinking that the Khao Yai area would be another hot spot for such specialty centers to develop. It has much of the same mountain weather and environment that makes Chiang Mai attractive but has the advantage of being only a two hour drive from Bangkok, making for easier access to many major services that only Bangkok has. The problem in Khao Yai is the lack of top shelf private hospitals. Chiang Mai has two of them and Khao Yai/Pak Chong has none. Even if Bangkok Hospital Group does build a new facility next year in Pak Chong there are real doubts about the quality of care to be had there (re my earlier post about overpriced fluff versus true quality care). A world class hospital would be the anchor and then specialty care centers could develop in the surrounding area. Maybe it is possible without the hospital anchor.


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