Inception maybe worth a look for its lucid dreaming angle

Posted: July 19, 2010 in World

I don’t watch movies very often because I am almost always disappointed with them. The Hollywood blockbusters are nearly always trash. I guess I am just too far removed from the mass mentality. Avatar? Jeez, a big production cartoon with a tired old story line. Give me back the one hour plus I wasted on that one (I didn’t make it to the end).

I’ve seen a bunch of rave reviews of the movie “Inception”. Is this one going to be worth the 100 baht ($3) I pay for a DVD to see it? More importantly will it be worth two hours of time I could be doing something more useful and interesting. I see that the subject of lucid dreaming is part of the story. That might be interesting. I have read a little about that and compared some of my own dream experiences with what other people describe as lucid dreams. I have had those but I never much thought about it. Apparently you can induce lucid dreams with a little training and practice.

So I might give “Inception” a shot just for the look at the lucid dreaming aspect.


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