Americans as illegal immigrants seeking work

Posted: July 26, 2010 in Economy

I read an interesting story on Boing Boing about a guy from St. Louis who couldn’t find work after graduating from college so moved to India to write for an English language newspaper. It was subsistence living for him but it was comfortable enough and he was thrilled with the new adventures he faced every day.

A few of the comments were interesting, like the Canadian who says he “outsourced himself” to India in the 1990’s when tech was slow and ended up starting a very successful company there. There are more anecdotal accounts of people going overseas to find employment and low cost of living after extended duration of unemployment back home. The problem is, in many places it is rather difficult for foreigners to work legally with many restrictions on the type of jobs they can occupy. That is very true in Thailand. But it doesn’t stop many foreigners from working, although it does open them up for exploitation by employers. Does that sound familiar? So are we going to see a wave of American illegal immigrants seeking work in other countries?


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