Solar race is on in Thailand

Posted: August 5, 2010 in Thailand

Last month there was the announcement that funding had been committed for construction of the world’s largest solar farm, 73 megawatts of it, in Lopburi, Thailand. Construction will begin this month and it is scheduled to go into operation November 2011.

Today I see the announcement that Bangchak Petroleum will build a 38 MW solar power plant that will be operational by October 2011.  They are teamed with China’s Suntech Power and it will be built in Ayutthaya for a cost of 5 billion baht. Hmm, isn’t that about the same as the other project which is almost twice the size? Regardless, the race is on and it will be interesting to see who can execute and actually produce.

The additional interesting part of the Bangchak story is they plan to spend a total of 15 billion baht over the next five years building 11 solar plants for a combined capacity of 120 MW.


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