Even more solar already in Thailand

Posted: August 6, 2010 in Thailand

Since I started reading about the new solar farm projects breaking ground this month I’ve been stumbling upon information about other renewable energy projects in Thailand. Like a solar PV farm called Korat 1 that went into operation in April this year. It’s a smaller one, at 6 MW peak, and was developed by a company called Solar Power Company (www.solarpower.co.th). This is the first of some 34 installations of 6 MW each they are planning to build.

That’s a photo of it above. It is located in Tambon Don Chomphoo, Amphoe Non Sung, Nakorn Ratchasima. That’s on the other side of Korat from me,  a couple hours from where I live. I went looking for it on Google Maps and I think that is it in the shot below. That is Don Chomphoo labeled in the center-right bottom of the image and in the center left is a large shape that seems like it could be a field of solar panels.

From the scale on Google Maps it appears that shape measures about 200 by 400 meters. So that would be about 80,000 square meters of solar panels. Actually it would be a good deal less due to access roads and spacing to avoid shading but just roughly. Then assuming 1,000 watts/square meter solar insolation and 7% efficiency we would get 5.6 MW. That would be it, allowing for differences in actual solar panel area and efficiency than my assumptions.


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