Khao Yai light rail – my brilliant idea

Posted: August 18, 2010 in Thailand

We had that big uproar about the very ill conceived plan to widen Thanarat road from Mittraphap all the way to the entrance of Khao Yai National Park. It was such a bad idea that the motivation for the project must have been based in corruption – every major public work in Thailand is rife with corruption. Kickbacks are standard practice.

Any common sense would tell you that solving the traffic problem on holiday weekends doesn’t involve enabling even more cars to reach the park entrance more quickly. There is no place for them to go once they get there.  The number of cars allowed up into the park is limited. All those extra vehicles would be jammed around the entrance of the park. So on top of ruining the natural environment on the drive to the park a huge traffic congestion problem would be created in the area.

Instead of widening the road to encourage more traffic into the area why not do something that would reduce the traffic. How about a light rail line that runs from Mittraphap Road to the park entrance? The land for the rail is already available – the very wide shoulders on both sides of the road allow plenty of room for the rail as well as small stations. That’s the same land they were using to widen the road to a ridiculous width, destroying large old trees in the process. The rail line would have a much smaller impact – fewer trees would need to be removed. High voltage power already runs along the road so there should be plenty of power to run an electric train. The only additional thing needed is a large plot for train stations at each end of the line. There is land available at either end, expensive I’m sure but there are no structures in in place.

I think it is a brilliant idea. It would preserve most of the large trees along Mittraphap Road. It would improve access to the park for people while reducing vehicle traffic and pollution in the area. And it could become an added attraction with smart. Smart businesses will pop up along the route. I can picture half a dozen “Palio Station” type stops that would be very popular.

Brilliant idea I think. How to get the Thai government to consider it?

  1. […] be all electric trains? And hey, if they are doing light rail in Phuket let’s look at doing a Khao Yai light rail system, too, as I brilliantly proposed in a previous post. It’s a natural here. […]

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