More high speed trains in Thailand

Posted: September 2, 2010 in Thailand

After my previous post about all the high speed train interest in Thailand I read a few more news stories and found that I had missed one of the routes currently under consideration. There is another line proposed that will run between Bangkok and Chiang Mai. So that makes four major lines:

  1. Kunming, Laos via Nong Khai to Bangkok
  2. Bangkok to Padang Besar in the south
  3. Bangkok to Chiang Mai
  4. Bangkok to Rayong

And of course the local light rail system being kicked around for Phuket. The story was front page news in The Nation today because of some controversy and power play within the government on the day there was to be some deliberation and go head for signing an MOU to kick things off. There will be plenty more of that since it’s a huge cash cow for all the graft that will be involved and all the political parties want to carve out as much as they can. So we can count on boring story after boring story of the in fighting.

My question about if these are all electric trains – seems like that’s the case based on the scant details in the news. I think technically they have to be to reach the speeds necessary.


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