Puff pieces coming out of the woodwork

Posted: September 8, 2010 in Calling 'em out

I keep seeing puff pieces about how safe it is for tourists in Thailand. The TAT must be shoveling out cash these days. That’s their job, to promote tourism, so ok, they’re working it.

When I see articles titled “Bangkok Not Dangerous: A First-Timer’s Trip to Thailand” I do enjoy reading how some travelers seem to think they are adventurous rebels when they visit places where there have been travel warnings and recent riots, as in Bangkok. Of course, you need to have a quote from a local who says something like

Everything is over and really back to normal

Just don’t take a peak at the news or you might have second thoughts since there are now bombings every few days in the city, usually a M79 grenade getting fired at some hapless guard standing in front of King Power or Bangkok Bank.  So far no tourists have caught any shrapnel. They don’t shop at King Power or exchange money at Bangkok Bank anyway…oh…wait.

I’m not linking to that story. It’s not exactly full of good advice. Like how’s this tidbit

Before you get into a cab, even if it’s metered; whatever the driver offers, come back with one quarter of the offer, and settle on a third.

Oh really. If you do that you are doing it wrong. These “expert” travelers should really hit up some expats who take taxis regularly before giving out bad advice like that.


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