Update some web properties

Posted: October 31, 2010 in Technology

With a vast inventory of web properties such as I have (heh) it’s easy to lose track of a few of them. I took a look at a couple today and they really need updating. They aren’t money sites; I use them for other purposes, but they just scream “Welcome to the last century”. Like my old site that I was once using for selling my website design services. Even if that business is still on hiatus I think I need something a little nicer and more modern looking over there. So I’ll add that to the queue of projects I hope to someday complete.

I am happy that I did complete another little project of mine that has been on the back burner for a while and got it online this week. It’s a little play on words that is an attempt to capture traffic from the fact that so many people use the name Thai Airlines when they should be using Thai Airways. I couldn’t get the precise domain name I wanted (damn domain squatters) but the one I did get should be good enough for my experiment.


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