Yet another claim to top medical tourism destination

Posted: November 4, 2010 in Calling 'em out

How many countries are now claiming they are a top medical tourism destination? It seems like the list is getting pretty long and full of some very doubtful names. Today I saw a story that claims Iran is one of the world’s leading countries medical tourism. There are a lot of generalities but no numbers in the story. So when they claim that Iran is among the top 10 in the industry there isn’t much to base that on. They did say that Iran ranks second after America in bone spinal implants. That’s a pretty fine niche there. Maybe it’s true. Numbers? Not mentioned. They claim that most of their patients come from England, Sweden and Persian Gulf countries. The patients from Persian Gulf countries is a believable claim. The others – not so much. So this little story goes in the call ’em out category because it just isn’t credible and sounds like nothing but fluff given the complete lack of numbers and statistics.


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