Must be high season in Thailand

Posted: November 28, 2010 in Thailand

You can always tell when it is high season in Thailand by the increase in reports of farang tourists jumping from high rises and engaging in various crazy behavior. Today’s news includes the story of a Norwegian man who jumped from the 14th floor of the Phuket Palace Hotel which is located in Patong. The usual reason behind these kind of jumps is a combination of drinking/drugs and getting fleeced by their new “girlfriend”. I don’t know about this particular case but it fits the pattern, particularly since it was in Patong where the garbage people of Phuket are concentrated.

The other story today was of a British man in Pattaya (so this is expected) who got into a fight with his “girlfriend”, locked himself in their apartment and set it on fire. When the firemen broke in he was stabbing himself in the chest with a broken glass bottle. Just another day in Pattaya. I wonder if the many foreigners who “bought” retirement homes in Pattaya cringe when they see this kind of news. I mean, to me it would be embarrassing if friends and family knew I lived in a place like that. And “bought” is in quotes because we all know that a foreigner can’t own land in Thailand so they paid multiple times the Thai price just to live there temporarily.


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