Big trouble at Big Mountain Music Festival

Posted: December 12, 2010 in Thailand

Each year the owners of Bonanza Ranch here in the Khao Yai area have an event they call the “Big Mountain Music Festival”. I’ve never been to it, just heard about it, and observed the crush of cars trying to get to Bonanza  via the narrow little road that leads to it from Thanarat Road. The road expansion of the first eight km of Thanarat was completed so this year more cars than ever can try to crunch into that narrow road to Bonanza. I’m hearing from people who attempted to attend the festival that it was one giant fail event.

One group I heard from rented a house nearby and spent six hours tying to get to the event. By the time they reached the venue the concert was over. They are obviously furious and are demanding a refund for the tickets which cost 1,800 baht each. In typical Thai fashion a large attraction and event is promoted in an area with inadequate access. See that all the time on all levels, starting with the typical business in Bangkok that has no parking whatsoever yet expects customers to find a way to get to their shop. Now we have a four lane highway bringing cars into the Khao Yai area where they stack up. Public works projects should be designed to reduce the number of cars coming into the area, not increase it.


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