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I posted a while ago about the 73 MW solar PV plant being built in Lopburi. At the time that was the world’s largest solar PV installation. Not sure if that is still true. However, I just read that the plant will be expanded.

EGCO, the second largest private power producer in Thailand, is going to invest one billion baht to expand the plant to 84 MW. One billion baht is quite a bit even in real money. Solar PV is pretty expensive, still not even close in cost to other power production methods. So I’m wondering what the economics are in this project. There must be some pretty sweet government incentives to invest so much.

You know, I was going to tour that plant. I asked my brother-in-law to arrange it – he’s a highly placed director at PEA. He said sure, but it’s just a big field of solar panels, pretty boring to look at. There is no visitor center with flashing lights or fancy displays. Oh, well, I guess I won’t bother him with it in that case.

Of course Twitter is the most well known microblogging platform. I even have a Twitter account. Hey, follow me at ! I tweet solid gold pearls of wisdom (uh, wut?), at least when I’m in the mood. Not many followers – I just haven’t been discovered yet, that’s it.

The real reason for me and microblogging isn’t about being popular. The real reason is (keep this a secret so the big G doesn’t slap me) getting pages indexed in the search engines. I’ve heard the big G likes to scrape Twitter timelines and follow all those nofollow links to spammy pages high quality content that SEMs put up, not that I would do that. Trouble is, a lot of my tweets don’t seem to get my advertising loaded very informative pages indexed. So I started to dabble a little with another microblog –

I don’t actually have an account there yet (jeez, am I so lazy that I can’t even sign up and put up a few of posts) but found a few timelines that don’t seem to be indexed. Lots of timelines are indexed so I’m wondering why some are not. Maybe all it takes is a link from a blog like this one to an timeline. Now let’s give that a little time and see what happens.