Dabbling with another microblog platform

Posted: March 12, 2011 in Technology

Of course Twitter is the most well known microblogging platform. I even have a Twitter account. Hey, follow me at http://twitter.com/markdgeorge ! I tweet solid gold pearls of wisdom (uh, wut?), at least when I’m in the mood. Not many followers – I just haven’t been discovered yet, that’s it.

The real reason for me and microblogging isn’t about being popular. The real reason is (keep this a secret so the big G doesn’t slap me) getting pages indexed in the search engines. I’ve heard the big G likes to scrape Twitter timelines and follow all those nofollow links to spammy pages high quality content that SEMs put up, not that I would do that. Trouble is, a lot of my tweets don’t seem to get my advertising loaded very informative pages indexed. So I started to dabble a little with another microblog – identi.ca.

I don’t actually have an account there yet (jeez, am I so lazy that I can’t even sign up and put up a few of posts) but found a few timelines that don’t seem to be indexed. Lots of timelines are indexed so I’m wondering why some are not. Maybe all it takes is a link from a blog like this one to an identi.ca timeline. Now let’s give that a little time and see what happens.


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