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YouTube videos benefit SEO efforts

Posted: April 28, 2011 in Web Wise

A lot of the people concerned with search engine optimization report improvements in their SEO efforts as the result of adding YouTube videos to their pages. It seems a little odd, that by embedding YouTube videos in your pages Google boosts your ranking. After all there are no backlinks to your site from those videos, only outgoing to YouTube. Perhaps Google thinks your site is more complete or offers a better user experience with videos on it. Or maybe they just want to drive more traffic to YouTube so reward you with a better place in the SERPs.

I have not previously tested to see if I get these results. So I am doing it now with Thai Airlines. It is a very simple site with one page of just a little content, a few photos, plus a Privacy page and Contact page. It has been sitting at its current position for quite a few months and until now I have made no changes. I recently added a page of Thai airlines videos that is just a few embedded videos from YouTube of Thai Airways and Nok Air planes on the runways and in the terminals. As of this posting date that page has not yet been indexed. So I’ll wait and see if there is any movement in the rankings after adding just that little page.

Update April 30: The video page has been indexed and the site has moved up five positions in the rankings. I’m not sure that is definitive since rankings bounce around all the time due to what other sites are doing. Still, I have done nothing else except add three YouTube videos on a new page so it is something to think about. However, I’m still not on the first page.