Picasa Web Album benefit SEO efforts

Posted: May 1, 2011 in Web Wise

Following on to my last post about the possible SEO benefits of embedding YouTube videos on a website, I’m now asking the question if embedding photos from Picasa Web Albums might have SEO benefits. As one forum poster said, anytime you add more of Google’s spyware to your site you will be rewarded. Yeah, that’s my thinking, too.

So I created a Picasa web album, uploaded some photos, and then used the embed links on a new page of photos of Bumrungrad Hospital. That page isn’t indexed as of the date of this post. The site currently ranks very well for a pretty good keyword but it is stuck behind two other sites I want to beat. Problem is one of them is Wikipedia (super strong authority so tough to beat) and the other a site that has lots of strong backlinks. So I’m going to see if I get any boost from the new photos page.

Update: Just a few hours and that new photo page is indexed. Now I’ll wait and see if there is any movement in the serps.


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