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Thai Airlines Squidoo lens

Posted: July 29, 2011 in Thailand

Update: I have removed all my lenses and stopped using Squidoo altogether. I recommend the same for other people. This follows an automated email identifying one of my really good lenses as being “low quality”. That lens was a good one, containing a lot of content about healthcare in Thailand and some myths about medical tourism to the Kingdom.

I tried a service the other day that makes Squidoo lenses for a very low price. What I was looking for is someone to get some lenses set up with some basic content and linking out to my vast empire of profitable money sites, then later I will tweak the lenses and add content when I’m in the mood.

So he did a couple of quick lenses for me and they look ok, pretty thin on content but like I said I will add more. One of the lenses is this one called Thai Airlines. It has a little bit of info about the airlines in Thailand like Thai Airways, Thai Air Asia, Nok Air, etc. There are a couple of photos and a YouTube video embedded to get things started. I am planning to do a little promo work, something easy like buying another low cost service on Fiverr, not expecting the lens to rank very high but give it a little bit of juice that it can pass on to my gignormous network of sites.  But I think I need to be careful that it all looks natural or the big ugly G will slap me. Maybe need to add some more content first and develop “online awareness” slowly at first.