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Saving and sharing notes with Pastebin

Posted: September 20, 2011 in Web Wise

I guess that’s what this application called Pastebin is supposed to be used for, as a place to save and share notes of all kinds. Looking through some of the public notes I see things like code snippets and lists of links. Seems somewhat useful. So I’m starting to play with it a little.  I setup a new account for jotting notes about one of my regular subjects which is Bangkok hospitals. You can include links there but they are not live. I think they are useful only for people who are willing to cut and paste them into their browser so only serious searchers, which is perhaps a good thing.

Each new paste has its own unique url. I added a new paste titled BNH Hospital to see it in action. It doesn’t appear there is a rss feed for user pastes – that would be useful if you wanted to keep updated on a user you are following. They have a “follow” function on the site but a feed would be better.