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Eartlink hurts nonprofit organization

Posted: January 27, 2012 in Web Wise

Do a little Googling and you will find plenty of Earthlink sucks websites, like, Earthlink Sucks on Facebook, and of course the always popular with another Earthlink scam complaint. Most of those sites are customers of Earthlink complaining about poor service, bait-and-switch scams, or being billed long after they cancelled service. There is one complaint I noticed that is the same issue I am blogging about which is Earthlink blocking emails.

I work with a nonprofit organization that helps one of the ethnic communities in Los Angeles. I built and maintain their website, including setting up email accounts and email forwarding. Recently I sent an email to the organization’s founder and it bounced. Seems that Earthlink is blocking emails from the server that hosts the nonprofit’s website.

This is yet another example of a company’s overzealous and incompetent approach to spam control that leads to collateral damage. In this case it is a nonprofit organization that is suffering because they made the unfortunate choice of using Earthlink and now they are partially cutoff from supporters because Earthlink has started blocking emails from some IP addresses. Sure, you can block any and all suspected sources of spam. But that kind of approach to spam makes you worthless… Earthlink.

So I’m working with the nonprofit to get away from Earthlink and use an ISP with a less hysterical approach to spam control.

Following on to my previous post with me wondering just how much longer Khao Yai land prices will keep climbing, I saw today that Khao Yai Dreamland project expanded yet again. I think this is the fourth or fifth phase of expansion of that project. The previous phase I blogged about had 18 plots that sold out before the project even started advertising. I drove around there several weeks ago – it’s nice land, with nice views of the peaks of Khao Yai National Park and also good views toward the west where there are nice sunsets over the mountains. It was the new price point that surprised me, 9000 baht per square wah, which is a lot higher than earlier phase of the project. My in-laws are sure happy with the deals they got on property they purchased in the first phase of the project.

The newest phase of the project still has a few plots left. I think the developer got smart with how he is dividing the land, making smaller plots of one rai that are easier for middle income buyers to purchase. I have somewhat mixed feelings about that – I don’t want to see high density neighborhoods springing up all over the Khao Yai area. I think one rai is the absolute minimum and as long as people don’t cover the entire plot with a building and concrete then maybe it is ok.