Tuscany in Khao Yai area of Thailand

Posted: February 4, 2012 in Technology

This trend of Tuscan style buildings in the Khao Yai area of Thailand is going full bore. First there was Primo Post which is just a little place but became instantly a hit with visitors to the area. Then the owner got together with Juldis and they built Palio which is really booming. Around the same time a luxury housing project set on a golf course went up that was called Toscana Valley. Now right next to Toscana Valley is this big development called Eyrie – The Perch of Tuscany.

Eyrie The Perch of Tuscany in Khao Yai

They are constructing a big Italian village looking project covering the side of the hill just past the entrance to Toscana. I don’t know what the prices are going to be but I did go into Toscana a few weeks ago and looked around. Very nice. Prices start at 20 million baht for a smallish villa on a small plot. Looks like Eyrie is a different style and not detached buildings.

Tuscan style in Khao Yai

These developments will definitely drive up land prices in the area. I saw quite a few plots being cleared, filled and leveled along the road that passes these two projects. A couple kilometers past that I saw some undeveloped land in an area called Wang Katha is going for a little over one million baht per rai. That actually seems pretty cheap compared to the prices just a few kilometers in closer which are over three million baht per rai. Somebody with money to speculate on land is going to make a killing.


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