Annual checkup at Bangkok Hospital Korat

Posted: May 1, 2012 in Health
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I usually do my annual health screening in April each year. This year I had been planning to do it but still hadn’t decided where. An SMS message I received on Friday helped me make a quick decision. The text message said that Bangkok Hospital Korat was offering a deep discount on the price of annual physical exam packages but I had to act fast because it was only for April 28 until April 30. And this was a real discount for a change, 60% no less! It wasn’t some tricky pricing game either because I checked on the price list I already had and the normal price was about 9,000 baht while the special price was 3,200 baht. This was for the VIP package which is a pretty thorough screening but does not include some optional blood work nor exercise stress test.

I thought it was going to be packed with people but it wasn’t, probably because of the short notice, or maybe because I arrived before 8:00 a.m. on a work day. Service was good and the consultation with the doctor at the end was very good with her spending plenty of time. I think this kind of deep discount is rare for them because I heard one of the doctors and a nurse talking about how they had never heard of such a deal. The customer rep at the front desk said they do offer discounts regularly, often on the ninth of each month, but nothing like 60% off


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