Comcast internet subscribers, you’re gonna have a bad time

Posted: May 2, 2012 in Calling 'em out

I saw that Comcast reported good earnings, largely driven by a jump in subscribers to their internet service. Bad news for those subscribers – Comcast is another ISP that is incompetent in its overzealous spam control efforts. Just like Earthlink which I blogged about before, Comcast is blocking emails from people who are replying to messages sent by its subscribers. It happened to me recently when I replied to someone using Comcast. My reply bounced with a message that it was blocked due to spam coming from my IP address. The thing is, my IP address is not listed in any of over 107 spam tracking databases. Add to that the fact that it is pretty obvious that when one of their subscribers sends me an email they probably want to receive the reply. So Comcast is obviously stupid. The real trouble is that its subscribers don’t know that replies to their emails are being blocked. They just think that their message was ignored or lost.

So Comcast subscribers,


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