Thai doctor review website

Posted: May 5, 2012 in Health

I happened upon a website called which is a review website where visitors can post reviews and details of their experiences with doctors in Thailand. There are also blog posts about various experiences such as the one about how Thai doctors moonlight at multiple hospitals.

I like the idea of the site and it seems like the site owner(s) got off to a very good start by checking which reviewed doctors are American Board Certified and including that information. Unfortunately, it seems like that energy was lost since the site lists the last update of board certified doctors as October 2008. Another thing that is inevitable with review type sites is that you get either strongly negative or strongly positive reviews. People are rarely motivated to go online and write a review if a product or service simply met their expectations. That is a bit unfortunate since the majority of doctor visits are probably not very eventful but rather get the job done. So there are vastly more doctors that would probably get a 3 or 4 star rating than the small number of 1 and 5 star ratings. The site does have an extensive list of Thai doctors, 3,188 in fact. It’s just that the vast majority are unrated.

  1. samerpav says:

    Hi There,
    I’m Sam from mythaidoctors. I sort of lost the interest in the website after moving back to the US. Still I want to update the physician database as the current one is four years old already.

  2. geomark says:

    Glad you stopped by, Sam. I think your site could be a really valuable resource if the physician db was kept updated and user contributions increased, especially if more people posted “good enough” type reviews. It’s hard to get those because people aren’t usually very motivated unless they had a very good or very bad experience. But those good enough type experiences are valuable.

    Is there anything we can collaborate on to help get your site updated and active?

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