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In my earlier post about UK rocker Pete Doherty going to a rehab center in Thailand I wondered if he had chosen the extreme rehab of Wat Tham Krabok. But I was only kidding. Celebs always go to plush rehabs where they pamper you instead of actually burning your demons out of you. Now we find out that Doherty went to the plush center called The Cabin in Chiang Mai. That’s a pic of it below.


Looks pretty nice. They claim a 96% success rate. I’m sure that means 96% paid for a full course rather than being kicked out early like Doherty was. If you want to see some real results then get thee to Wat Tham Krabok Mr. Pete.

The center says they have successfully treated 300 patients in the past. A former successful patient had previously spoken about how wonderful the center is and boasted that as a result he had been drug free for six months…all that, eh? Seems a bit underwhelming. The rooms sure look interesting at The Cabin.


I hardly know who this rocker is, but I guess he is pretty big in the UK. I saw a news story that he flew off to do drug rehab in Thailand and it reminded me of my earlier post about extreme medical tourism. That was about the extreme drug rehab program they have a Wat Thamkrabok in Lopburi province. I sort of doubt he went there. He’s probably at one of those cushy resorts where they pamper you and you don’t really end up kicking the habit. I think if you go through the Wat Thamkrabok program and know that you have to repeat it if you relapse then you might really be cured.