Enjoying Coursera

Posted: July 3, 2013 in Technology
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I started taking some MOOC‘s (massively open online courses) and have really enjoyed the offerings from Coursera.org. I recently completed the Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python course from Rice which concluded with a project that involved coding a version of the old arcade game Asteroids, but with fancier graphics than the original. Although a lot of the content was provided, like all the graphics and sound effects, the coding portion was still fun and interesting.

Currently I am taking Coursera’s Startup Engineering course from Standford. The syllabus is awesome – we pull together a bunch of software tools needed to code and deploy a web startup, including Linux command line, Git, AWS, Heroku and more. There is a final project that involves coding our app in node.js and trying to get it crowd funded. The course also includes a philisophocial portion with inputs from a number of sucessful Silicon Valley startup founders plus some great background reading. Many of the tools are new to me so it is going to be a challenge but I am really enjoying it so far and hope to get my idea working and deployed.

  1. I’ve done a few units with Coursa (well read some lectures), but I haven’t invested time into them. But if you don’t need the certificate, but learn the content, it’s just as good, if not better than forking out 30k on a Uni course.

    • geomark says:

      Same here, I’m more interested in the learning than the certificate. But it was good to invest the time to complete the entire course and I did get a certificate, with distinction even.

      I think MOOC’s, if they continue to be this good and the offerings expand, are really going to disrupt the traditional higher education system..

  2. xavaloz says:

    I just finished one (Pensamiento Científico, in Spanish). Some of the students and I are so happy that we just created a blog here in WordPress, to continue the conversation.

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