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Posted: September 2, 2013 in Technology
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My final project for Stanford’s online course Statup Engineering is an itinerary planning web app. I call it Itinerated, a little play on words based on the concept of how the app let’s you enter itineraries and then other users rate it. You get “Your Itinerary Rated by the Crowd.”

The idea came from seeing how many times the same itinerary questions were asked on the travel forums I visit. Annoying as the repeat questions are, it’s easy to see why the same questions keep getting asked. It’s because there is rarely any useful feedback and often a lot of trolling and spamming. Since I frequent a couple of different forums I see the same exact question asked, presumably by the same person, across the different forums, which similar results. It seems to me that an app specifically for getting itinerary feedback would be useful. Hence, Itinerated.

The Stanford Startup Engineering course provided an excellent framework for developing and deploying a startup. We covered both technical and business aspects of the startup process that is being successfully used in Silicon Valley. On the technical side, I am using Nodejs+Express+MongoDB+Bootstrap for implementation. I am also using Jade for templating but I am thinking I might move to Angular for further development.

The Itinerated web app is still in rough prototype form. We put together something they call a “bitstarter” which is a Kickstarter-like funding page but asks for bitcoin. That’s what you see when you go to You can try out the prototype of the app by clicking the “Try It!” link at the top. A fair amount of effort and some costs for servers is going to be needed to bring it to full production status.

In near term the class is holding a competition to see which startup can garner the most bitcoin and tweets. You can watch the leader board and check out some of the interesting startups here


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