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Commend Science Square in Bangkok

Posted: December 1, 2016 in Thailand

The facilities and programs at Science Square in Bangkok are excellent. I recommend parents with kids in Bangkok take advantage of them.


Science Square at Chamchuri Square in Bangkok


Science Square is a branch of Thailand’s National Science Museum. The main science museum as well as a natural history museum and an information technology museum are located in Pathumthani. Visit their website at Be aware that the English version of their website is incomplete as some of their programs are described in Thai only. Also be aware that the programs at Science Square described below are all in Thai. So it is for Thai speaking kids. For an overview of the displays with some photos check out the review at I’m going to talk the actitivies they offer.

Science Lab

There is a great program called Science Lab that is held every day of the week. There are three one-hour long lab projects on different subjects held each afternoon starting at 1:15. My six year old son and I have done three of the labs so far. They are real content-filled activities, not simply empty play.

We did a lab about copper. We dissolved copper sulfate in hot water, then used a mild acid (ascorbic acid) to precipitate out pure copper. We collected the pure copper and added gum arabic to make a sort of paint. A button battery holder and LED were attached to a card that was printed with the circuit diagram. Then we connected the battery to the LED by painting a circuit with the copper paint we had made.


Circuit Wired Up Using Copper Paint Made in the Lab

Another lab was about ice cream. The concept was to demonstrate how adding salt to ice lowers it’s melting point which is needed to make the ingredients cold enough to form ice cream. After the salt was added to a bucket of ice the ice cream ingredients were added to a metal cup inset into the ice and whisked (for a long time) to make ice cream.


Making Ice Cream the Hard Way

The third lab we did was about bacteria. We made our own hand gel using water, cabopol (thickening agent), alcohol, triethanolamine (surfactant), and triclosan which is the actual anti-bacterial agent. Kids got to choose a food color and fragrance to add to their gel. The lab leader talked about helpful and harmful types of bacteria.


Learning About Helpful and Harmful Bacteria

Then the kids took at a look at several types of bacteria using microscopes set up in the Science Lab.


Viewing Bacteria Under the Microscope

Maker Space

They also have a nice looking Maker Space at Science Square. There have not been any Maker activities on the days we have been there but we want to join them when we can.


Maker Space at Science Square

It looks like they do some fun projects for kids, like these doodle bots.


Doodle Bots Made at Maker Space at Science Square


Science Square is located in Bangkok on the top floor of Chamchuri Square. That makes it easy to reach by public transportation for people in Bangkok – the Sam Yan subway station is located right at Chamchuri Square.