B-7000 adhesive is the real deal

Posted: July 26, 2017 in Maker
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It’s probably old news to experienced makers and crafters, but I only recently discovered this adhesive called B-7000 that works well on a number of plastics. Several projects I built utilize plastic bottle caps to fashion wheels, often requiring gluing a couple of caps together. Those are typically made of LDPE or HDPE. Empty yogurt containers, made of polypropylene, were used in another project. I had poor results using the cements I had on hand (hot glue, cyanoacrylate, “all purpose” plastic cement). After a little research I learned of B-7000 and, happily, it is available on Aliexpress at attractive prices.

A few test pieces showed it forms a very strong bond on the two materials I previously had trouble with.


The test items were subjected to stress testing by a very strong six year old. Those two bottle caps are inseperable. The yogurt containers bonded pretty well but did come apart with only a moderate amount of force. Good enough for most projects but if a super strong bond on polypropylene is desired then a different adhesive is needed.

Of course, like so many items on Aliexpress that come from China, you get the silly English labelling.


“Surprise adhesive force” and “Stimulate the taste-free”, chuckle. But the adhesive works very well and at about US$1 for a 25ml tube it is a good deal.

In the US you can probably find it at a local craft store and there are many sellers of it on Amazon. Being in Thailand means there are few local sources for specialty craft materials such as this adhesive and Amazon does not ship here. But Aliexpress has nearly everything, and much better prices (that 25ml tube cost me US$1.00). You just need the patience to wait three weeks or so for it to arrive. There are plenty of sellers. Another option in Thailand is Lazada which delivers in under one week, but at several times the price.


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