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Eartlink hurts nonprofit organization

Posted: January 27, 2012 in Web Wise

Do a little Googling and you will find plenty of Earthlink sucks websites, like, Earthlink Sucks on Facebook, and of course the always popular with another Earthlink scam complaint. Most of those sites are customers of Earthlink complaining about poor service, bait-and-switch scams, or being billed long after they cancelled service. There is one complaint I noticed that is the same issue I am blogging about which is Earthlink blocking emails.

I work with a nonprofit organization that helps one of the ethnic communities in Los Angeles. I built and maintain their website, including setting up email accounts and email forwarding. Recently I sent an email to the organization’s founder and it bounced. Seems that Earthlink is blocking emails from the server that hosts the nonprofit’s website.

This is yet another example of a company’s overzealous and incompetent approach to spam control that leads to collateral damage. In this case it is a nonprofit organization that is suffering because they made the unfortunate choice of using Earthlink and now they are partially cutoff from supporters because Earthlink has started blocking emails from some IP addresses. Sure, you can block any and all suspected sources of spam. But that kind of approach to spam makes you worthless… Earthlink.

So I’m working with the nonprofit to get away from Earthlink and use an ISP with a less hysterical approach to spam control.

Saving and sharing notes with Pastebin

Posted: September 20, 2011 in Web Wise

I guess that’s what this application called Pastebin is supposed to be used for, as a place to save and share notes of all kinds. Looking through some of the public notes I see things like code snippets and lists of links. Seems somewhat useful. So I’m starting to play with it a little.  I setup a new account for jotting notes about one of my regular subjects which is Bangkok hospitals. You can include links there but they are not live. I think they are useful only for people who are willing to cut and paste them into their browser so only serious searchers, which is perhaps a good thing.

Each new paste has its own unique url. I added a new paste titled BNH Hospital to see it in action. It doesn’t appear there is a rss feed for user pastes – that would be useful if you wanted to keep updated on a user you are following. They have a “follow” function on the site but a feed would be better.

Following on to my last post about the possible SEO benefits of embedding YouTube videos on a website, I’m now asking the question if embedding photos from Picasa Web Albums might have SEO benefits. As one forum poster said, anytime you add more of Google’s spyware to your site you will be rewarded. Yeah, that’s my thinking, too.

So I created a Picasa web album, uploaded some photos, and then used the embed links on a new page of photos of Bumrungrad Hospital. That page isn’t indexed as of the date of this post. The site currently ranks very well for a pretty good keyword but it is stuck behind two other sites I want to beat. Problem is one of them is Wikipedia (super strong authority so tough to beat) and the other a site that has lots of strong backlinks. So I’m going to see if I get any boost from the new photos page.

Update: Just a few hours and that new photo page is indexed. Now I’ll wait and see if there is any movement in the serps.

YouTube videos benefit SEO efforts

Posted: April 28, 2011 in Web Wise

A lot of the people concerned with search engine optimization report improvements in their SEO efforts as the result of adding YouTube videos to their pages. It seems a little odd, that by embedding YouTube videos in your pages Google boosts your ranking. After all there are no backlinks to your site from those videos, only outgoing to YouTube. Perhaps Google thinks your site is more complete or offers a better user experience with videos on it. Or maybe they just want to drive more traffic to YouTube so reward you with a better place in the SERPs.

I have not previously tested to see if I get these results. So I am doing it now with Thai Airlines. It is a very simple site with one page of just a little content, a few photos, plus a Privacy page and Contact page. It has been sitting at its current position for quite a few months and until now I have made no changes. I recently added a page of Thai airlines videos that is just a few embedded videos from YouTube of Thai Airways and Nok Air planes on the runways and in the terminals. As of this posting date that page has not yet been indexed. So I’ll wait and see if there is any movement in the rankings after adding just that little page.

Update April 30: The video page has been indexed and the site has moved up five positions in the rankings. I’m not sure that is definitive since rankings bounce around all the time due to what other sites are doing. Still, I have done nothing else except add three YouTube videos on a new page so it is something to think about. However, I’m still not on the first page.

Finally able to post

Posted: July 16, 2007 in Web Wise

I had pretty well written off being able to post here anymore. When I switched to satellite internet I found that never responded when I attempted to access the admin area. I could only guess it had something to do with the large latency of the satellite internet connection. So I skipped this little baby blog when I made my daily rounds of my vast blog and website empire as well as a few forums where I read and post.

But today it seems to be working. Not sure what changed. So I may start to drop by and post more often again on subjects that are rather off topic for any of the myriad other blogs of mine. extremely slow

Posted: October 14, 2006 in Web Wise

Is it only me? Or is extremely slow for everybody? All the time. When I click on the link to write a new post it takes no less than 2 to 3 minutes to finally get the Write Post screen. It has always been like that for me. It isn’t my connection, which is broadband. And it isn’t the WordPress software because I use WordPress installed on my own server for some of the blogs in my vast empire of blogs and I never see these kind of delays. It is only when trying to do something with this blog, my little doodle blog for some of the stuff that doesn’t belong in my super cutting edge and top secret blogs.

Sometime around 9:00 a.m. Eastern time today Goggle’s and, apparently, all blogs on blogspot went offline. I was in the middle of editing a post for a blog I have over there when blogger became nonresponsive. I spot checked some blogs on blogspot and they returned internal server errors. That was about 40 minutes ago and the situation remains the same. A lot of unhappy bloggers out there right about now, including myself. I have some blogs over there that are part of my vast empire of blogs and websites.

Update: After about an hour and a half it appears Blogger and Blogspot blogs are back up.